Photoshop Lessons


Photoshop Lessons Velocity Computer Solutions offers Photoshop lessons for beginners and professionals alike! We know how it is learning the fundamentals of a new program, and understand that it can be frustrating at times. We gear you for success by teaching you about the tools, tips, and tricks that will push you ahead of your competition. We focus primarily on graphic design solutions for photography, including photo manipulation, website design, theology behind graphic design, and upcoming trends.


HTML Lessons


Websites are designed around the premise of a coding language called “HTML”. Velocity Computer Solutions offers entry level HTML lessons, as well as advanced lessons to ensure that you have a hold on your website, and future projects! Our goal is to equip you with expertise of building a website from scratch, and launching it as your own. Although we love receiving new web design clients, we want you to establish business with potential clients. With these lessons, you will be creating websites in no time!


Marketing Lessons


We know what it’s like being a freshly started business. In fact, we still consider ourselves new to the business world! With a rise in internet marketing, it’s important to know how to display and market your business. We offer lessons that cover the vital key points in obtaining success. VCS has experts advising around social media marketing, search engine marketing, business plan analysis, and current trends in your competition and environment. We further instruct on new and upcoming web technologies that further advance you in your field.